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About Seay Partners

  Seay Partners believes that landscape design should carefully consider  the client’s personal goals and anticipated use of the site. The design  then blends the client’s criteria with the site’s natural conditions so  the designed space enhances the unique sense of place.

Nancy V. Seay, Principal, Seay Partners
Nancy established Seay Partners, Landscape Architecture in Greensboro,  NC in 2002.  Previously she worked in Texas, Wisconsin, Vermont and  Georgia with interdisciplinary firms which expanded her knowledge of the  interconnectivity of the design fields.  

Nancy is a graduate of the University of Georgia, School of  Environmental Design. She is registered to practice in North Carolina  and Georgia and is a member of the National Society of Landscape  Architects, ASLA.  Today she continues to create public and private  landscapes that bring her client's landscape goals to life.  Nancy has  recently been exploring new techniques and educating the public on how  to conserve our water resources through the construction of Rain  Gardens.