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Thanks to Mike Micchiche for his blog post about the portfolio work he did to document our work at Elon University. Great captures Mike and great to work with you!

"Garden is about to get its groove on," 2nd May, 2015. Gateway Gardens is not your typical public garden. It is a garden for whimsy and discovering something new.   

Greensboro Beautiful
Special Recognition Award for beautifully rendered maps of the  Bicentennial Garden, Bog Garden and Greensboro Arboretum used to develop  brochures, garden guides and signage for each of the public gardens.   

News & Record
"Evergreen screen shows benefits of collaboration - Greensboro Beautiful  would like to extend a very special thank you to Starmount Co. for  funding the project with a major gift of $50,000; to Nancy Seay for her  pro-bono landscape design; to the city manager's office for its  leadership and to Parks and Rec."

JPC Courtyard: JPC Newsletter
"For generations to come, JPC will have a beautiful and delightfully  symbolic entry garden…At the time the idea for the entry way was given  to the session, Nancy Seay was serving as an elder.  Nancy immediately  put the ideas into a landscape design…"

Mountain Mission School: Guilford Record

 "The St. Francis Episcopal Church Youth Group went on a mission trip to  Grundy, Virginia…20 youths and 9 adult advisers went to the Mountain  Mission School founded in 1921 as a refuge, school, home and spiritual  community for poor children.  The group converted a muddy and  weed-filled patch of land into a prayer garden….the result is a blissful  and holy place for the faculty and students of MMS to reflect upon the  beauty of God's creation." The space was designed by Nancy Seay.  

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